Buying a 60cm Wardrobe at LazMall

If you’re looking for a 60cm wardrobe that’s easy to install, the Coil Wall Wardrobe is a great choice. This simple design features a scroll-like linear base and is able to hold a wide variety of hangers. Coil hooks slide along the length of the wardrobe, providing ample hanging space without taking up valuable wall space. This slim-line wardrobe is a stylish addition to your hallway or bedroom.

This antique carved wardrobe from the Tyrolean region of Italy measures 156cm long and 60cm wide. It features two doors and two drawers with baroque cartouche motifs. Carved capitals support the richly-shaped upper cornice, which is decorated with engravings. Internally, the wardrobe features internal divisions and original hardware. Whether you’re looking for a nippy 60cm wardrobe or a classic French wardrobe, you’ll find what you need at LazMall.

The standard width, height, and depth of a sliding wardrobe is 60 cm. However, many manufacturers offer smaller depths as well. You may want to consider a smaller model if you have a small bedroom or a room with a low ceiling. A 60cm wardrobe is ideal for those who do not require as much hanging space, but still need a good amount of space for hanging clothes. Choosing a wardrobe with a low profile and a high capacity will allow you to fit a lot of clothes into it.

Single and double wardrobes are generally similar in size to single-sized wardrobes. They measure around 1.7m high, 1m wide, and 60cm deep. The width and depth of a 60cm single wardrobe are similar to those of a standard single-door wardrobe, although they may be larger. Some can reach 1.5 m wide or more. These are ideal for children with a lot of clothing and a small bedroom.

A smartly designed wardrobe is an essential part of any home interior. It will not only provide ample storage space but will also help keep everything organized. Most models have three basic components: shelves, drawers, and a hanging closet. Depending on the floor plan and the size of your room, you may opt for a single shutter or mirrored doors. A wardrobe with a mirror is even better because it can double as a dressing table for before bed.

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